Goats on Highway 24 suprise overnight Caldecott tunnel drivers

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A herd of goats gave drivers through the Caldecott Tunnel quite a scare Wednesday morning after they got loose and wandered into several lanes of Highway 24.

The California Highway Patrol received a call about this around 1:00a.m. in the westbound lanes of the highway just outside the tunnel in Oakland.

The initial report stated that a car had hit several of the goats, however, when officers arrived on the scene all the goats appeared to be in good health.

It required about half a dozen officers to herd the goats off the highway.

The goats were reportedly being used by CalTrans to clear away dry grass as part of a fire abatement program near the highway, but broke loose from their enclosure.

CHP officers were able to wrangle the goats, return them to CalTrans and reopen the freeway about an hour later.