Good Samaritan stops to help Vallejo woman hurt in violent mugging

A Vallejo woman is recovering after she was attacked and robbed while walking home one morning, a couple of weeks ago.

She was badly injured and left on the side of the road crying for help, until one driver finally stopped.

Some might say it was fate. Before April 4th, Diosie Caba and Kyle Burnett were complete strangers.
That morning they happened to be in the same area, at the same time. Kyle was at Costco with his daughter, while Diosie was at the social security office. Living close by, she decided to walk.

“I saw this kid I don't know how old he is, maybe 17 or 20 but I'm not sure. As soon as he walks by he just grabbed my handbag I don't know how I fell down,” said Diosie Caba.

She says she was very disoriented and believes she was punched during the struggle.

“When I saw my blood coming out of here I panic and keep waving to cars, waving and waving and no one stop. Then all of a sudden this big car stopped and asked me what happened,” she said.

That driver was Kyle.

"Me seeing someone wave, my mind went to, that person needs help,” said Kyle Burnett of Vallejo. “I grab her and I put her in the car. Right away her face was smashed, her right side of her face was smashed, eyes swollen shut, bruises over here on her lip, her lip is busted there's blood everywhere I could see her hand, her wrist was broken.”

Pictures taken of Diosie at the hospital are difficult to look at. She says she had a brain hemorrhage from the fall. Her wrist was so broken, it required surgery. Doctors had to insert tiny screws.

“For her to be 65-years-old and to be beat up like that it's hard to put a grasp on,” said Burnett.

A couple weeks later, her bruises have healed and her arm is in a sling, but the teeth she chipped will have to wait because Diosie doesn't have dental coverage. She says it could costs thousands to fix. Kyle is hoping to help offset those costs for her.

“I set up a gofundme page because I knew she was going to have medical bills and things that she couldn't take care of. I don't know this woman I just know that she experienced something very bad and I just want to try and make it a little better,” he said.

Diosie says she is forever grateful for Kyle and hopes to put all this behind her.

“I'm just glad I can help. I'm glad I stopped,” said Kyle.

The attack happened on Redwood Parkway near Ascot Parkway, which is a busy residential road, but there were no surveillance cameras in sight. Diosie says she didn’t get a good look at the suspect. All she knows is he is a young black male with a clean cut, wearing white earbuds in his ears. Vallejo Police say they stopped a young man fitting that description the day it happened, but when they showed Diosie the picture, she said it wasn’t the man who attacked her.

If you would like to help Diosie with medical bills, her GoFundMe page can be found here.