Good Samaritan who stopped woman's kidnapping says he'd do it again

As San Leandro police look for the man wanted in connection with an attempted kidnapping, the Good Samaritan who came to the victim’s rescue said he'd do it again.

"That was rough seeing her go through that, but she's all right now," says Yong-Sung Leal. Fighting back the emotions and tears, Leal says he was in his car on his way to work Thursday morning. When he saw a man and woman struggling on Washington Avenue near Monterey Boulevard San Leandro, Leal says next he heard the woman screaming. 

"The guy was a total coward, much bigger than her, spraying mace in her face. She couldn't see choking on mace. She still kept fighting," says Leal.  

As Leal got closer he saw the suspect pulling the woman into his car. "No one should have to go through that. I was really terrified for her.”

He says that's when he stepped in. Not caring for his own safety, Leal confronted the suspect. I just wasn't going to let anything more happen to her. So go ahead you can take me. I'll take him to hell with me. That was my mind set,” says Leal.  

The suspect sprayed mace on Leal before taking off. Friday, San Leandro Police released a picture of the suspect wearing black clothing. Police say the suspect’s car is a silver Nissan Sentra with special wheels. 
Leal says even though he's not a big guy he would help anyone in need. He says doing so is in his nature, so no need to call him a hero.

“I guess people are saying heroic, but it’s kind of sad that it has to be that way. Like when you hear somebody finding it a wallet and turning it in and it’s on the news. That's what you're supposed to do," says Leal.