Gov. Brown proposes gas tax to repair California roads

California drivers could soon be paying more to keep their cars running and on the roads.

That's because there's a proposal to increase the gas tax and state fees.

Under Governor Jerry Brown's proposal drivers would pay 12 cents more per gallon for fuel. Drivers would also have to pay higher registration fees depending on the value of their car.

For the first time, the drivers of zero-emissions vehicles would have to pay an annual $100 fee starting in 2020.

The higher taxes and fees are supposed to bring in an extra $5.2 billion over 10 years to pay for road repairs. Everything from local streets to highways.

Several hundred million dollars would also go towards some public transit projects.

Generally speaking higher taxes and fees are not a popular idea, but many drivers KTVU surveyed agreed our roads are in bad shape and they do need to be fixed.

If this plan passes it'll be the first time the gas tax has increased in our state in 23 years.

State lawmakers have set next Thursday as the deadline to make a decision on the proposal.