Grieving mother wants justice for son killed while delivering food in Walnut Creek

A grieving mother says she never thought her son would be shot and killed while working as a food delivery driver in Walnut Creek.

Stacy Corley II was confronted by six young men while out delivering food.

His mother, Kimberley Banks, said she was shocked to learn that only one person will be charged with the crime.

She said she won't rest until they are all brought to justice.

"He had this captivating smile that was just not surface. It was part of his spirit and soul," Banks said.

She's found comfort in looking at photos of her only child and reminiscing with his girlfriend Michel Telles.

The two have forged a path together to find justice.

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"Losing him felt like I lost my home. I lost my safe space," Telles said.

On June 17th shortly before 11 p.m.,  at the intersection of North California Boulevard near Ygnacio Valley Road in Walnut Creek, Banks said Stacy was on his way to his last delivery in his car when he was confronted by six young men in an SUV.

The 25-year-old was shot 9 times.

Police said the deadly confrontation stemmed from road rage.

Dylan Baker,18, was charged with murder and shooting at an occupied vehicle.

"This was just senseless and heinous," Banks said.

None of the other five people who were in the SUV were charged, including the driver, Jaesin Collado, who was initially arrested.

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The Contra Costa County District Attorney's Office said the case is still active and the investigation ongoing.

Banks wants to make sure the entire group is held accountable, saying, "There were 6 people present. That isn't justice."

The woman said her son's passion was writing and performing uplifting rap music. She said he was saving money from his job to pay for studio time.

Banks wants the alleged shooter to be sentenced to life without the possibility of parole.

"He needs to live everyday knowing what he did and the decision he made," she said.

His loved ones never imagined that he would not live to see his 26th birthday that was on July 22.

Baker is scheduled to be back in court September 8.

His bail is set at $2 million dollars.