Gun battle in residential neighborhood in East Oakland caught on camera

A video posted online showed a frightening gun battle in a residential neighborhood in east Oakland.

It's an area filled with families and older people. Neighbors said there has been sporadic violence in the area, but nothing like the shootout that took place Tuesday.

Neighbors said Oakland has gone through some good times and bad times and they have hope that things will turn around, but they said they're concerned that the violence is becoming a normal occurrence.

A video shows a dark-colored car pulling up in a neighborhood just off of High Street. There was a barrage of gunfire. Then there was an exchange of gunfire between the man who had gotten out of the car and someone off camera. 

Police said it happened just after 11:30 p.m. Tuesday. 

A neighbor, who wishes to remain anonymous, said she heard at least 15 shots. "It was one after another, after another. I was just taking it in. 
It's like the wild, wild west. You don't know who to turn to."  

Police officers said when they arrived, they did not locate anyone hit by the gunfire. Investigators said it appears at least four people were involved in the shooting.  

"That's the bullet hole right there," said one neighbor as he pointed to a bullet hole that's now on a parked car. 


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Investigators said gunfire struck multiple vehicles and one home that had someone inside. 

Neighbors pointed to the white circles drawn by police. They marked where the bullet casings landed, close to a daycare.

The owner says she's glad she wasn't here when the shooting happened.

"I was concerned because I have little ones that play right here. I don't want the bullets in the yard. Yeah, it was kind of scary," said the daycare owner who spoke on the condition that KTVU does not identify her.  

Neighbors said there has been criminal activity on this block previously including drug-related problems and auto thefts. They say the crimes have been linked to an apartment in the area.  
Police said while they were at the scene of the shoot-out, they recovered multiple stolen vehicles.  

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"Who's in control here? Who's going to put some law and order int  this place?" said one neighbor. 

"I love Oakland, but I don't depend on the politicians here. I don't feel like they have our back," said neighbor Angel Juarez who's an Oakland native.  

Neighbors said police did respond quickly. But that the shootout is a reminder that they need to come together as a community to look out for each other.

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