Hash-oil lab explosions on the rise

PITTSBURG, Calif. (KTVU) - Law enforcement throughout Northern California say hash-oil explosions and discoveries of those labs are on the rise.

On Wednesday police in Pittsburg discovered a lab where they say they found nearly 750,000 worth of hash-oil. Five people were arrested in that raid.

Investigators say almost the entire home was being used to produce hash oil and grow marijuana. The home included rooms set up to extract THC from marijuana to make the oil.

Police found a total of 30 pounds of the finished product and 30,000 in cash.

One of the reasons these labs can be so dangerous is that producers are using butane to make the oil, which is extremely volatile.

The State Senate recently unanimously passed a bill that would make producing hash oil an aggravated felony. The bill is designed to address the growing problem of people making the drug in the middle of residential neighborhoods. The bill would allow a judge to consider stronger penalties for people making hash oil within 300 feet of another home, and methamphetamine within 200 feet of another home.

The legislation is set to make its way to the Governor’s desk now.