Healthcare workers at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center honored for Veterans Day

Veterans from the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center were honored in a special ceremony ahead of Veterans Day this Saturday. 

Otto Lee is a Santa Clara County Board Supervisor and a Navy veteran. On behalf of the county, he wanted to show appreciation for those who have served their country and continue to serve this community. 

"These individuals have displayed exceptional courage, discipline, and resilience in the face of adversity, and we are fortunate to have them as a part of our county," said Leilani Michelle Jones, from the Santa Clara Valley Healthcare Office of Equity and Improvement.   

As the nation prepares to honor its military veterans, veterans working at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center were recognized for their military service and contributions as healthcare workers.  

"No matter your service, no matter where your service brought you, we are so grateful to you, and we are here to support you, especially now that you have returned home," Lee said. 

Lee is a retired Navy Commander who served for 28 years and comes from a military family. He presented this commendation to all veterans of Santa Clara Valley Healthcare. Lee says about 20% of the people who are experiencing mental illness and homelessness in Santa Clara County are veterans.  

"That’s one thing that our county is going to do is to make sure that we are obtaining the proper resources to help connect our veterans to the services they have earned and deserve," Lee said.    

Each veteran in attendance received a certificate of appreciation during the ceremony. Some veterans spoke about their legacy and the military skills that help them serve the community.  

"The training in the military is top-notch. One of the phrases I use all the time is you fight like you train, and you train like you fight," said Pattie Beebe, an Air Guard veteran. 

"I loved the job. Number two is that I came from a Navy family. From my grandparents, my dad, my uncles, we all served in the Navy," said Rizalde Santos, a Navy veteran. 

This Saturday, November 11th, in San Jose starting at 10:45 am, there will be a Veterans Day ceremony at Plaza de Cesar Chavez, followed by a parade at SAP Center at noon.