Heartwarming tale of a Richmond dog recovering after being hit by a car

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A dog critically injured after being hit by a car in Richmond is now on a road to recovery that involves to heartwarming acts of kindness.

Animal control officers say the five-year-old mixed pit bull dog named Porche was living on the streets when it was stuck by the car two weeks ago. Porche suffered a broken back and was temporarily paralyzed in the hind legs. And as she lay there with life-threatening injuries, her pal Majestic, a dog, stood guard until help came.

A team of vets was able to stabilize the injured dog after extensive treatment. And then something unexpected happened. 

“Miraculously an angel donor stepped up and provided a wheel chair for her [Porche],” said Steve Burdo of Contra Costa Animal Services. “The device was fixed to her hind leg so she could move her front legs.”

Vets were able to put Porche in a harness and now the injured dog is slowly getting back on her feet. Porche is now expected to live a long, healthy life.