High surf in Pacifica knocks out concrete benches along beach

The 30-foot waves in Pacifica spotted along the coast this week are the highest and strongest residents have seen in years. 

On Friday, there was a high surf advisory until 9 a.m. and beach goers were taking video of the Pacific Ocean on Beach Boulevard in front of Sharp Park Beach. 

They were watching waves crash against the sea walls, some of which even flooded homes nearby. 

Mary McLain said she even had some sandbags wash away. 

"Sneaker waves can kill you," she said.

The aftermath of Wednesday's storm were evident along the beach, two days later. 

Picnic benches were crushed. Concrete was strewn about. Sand piles were high along the coast, awaiting bulldozers to haul them away. 

Steve Halloran said he was just bending down to pick up his newspaper, and the waves from the ocean struck him all the way in the parking lot and hit his truck. 

The damage in Pacifica was much less than what happened in Santa Cruz County, one county over, where the pier was ripped apart in Capitola and restaurants suffered water damage. 

But still, those in Pacifica were concerned for the future storms on their way this weekend.