Highway 13 in Oakland closed due to landslide

Highway 13 at Broadway Terrace in Oakland was closed Monday morning due to a landslide.

Officials said mud and debris is spread across southbound lanes as crews work to clean the road.

It started as one fallen tree but turned into a mudslide with a lot of debris, authorities said. The clean-up is complicated because removal of the mud and branches can lead to further landslides, they said.

There was no estimate from officials as to when Highway 13 would reopen.

Multiple roads across the Bay Area have had to close because of mudslides from recent storm activity.

Highway 37 that connects Marin to Sonoma remains shut down Monday as that area is completely flooded.

More rain is expected during the first part of this week, but a dry pattern is around the corner.

The dry pattern will be welcomed as many have endured road closures and evacuations due to the storms.

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