Hillary Clinton holds 'family friendly' fundraiser in Atherton

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Hillary Clinton's fundraising trek through the Bay Area included one event on Wednesday that focused mostly on children who can't even cast a ballot on her behalf in the state's June 7th primary.

Parked cars and valet attendants lined the street in Atherton where Clinton spoke at a private home to hundreds of attendees who didn't fit into the usual donor demographics.

"We're excited to see her here and we're going to give her a big Silicon Valley welcome," said California Assemblyman Evan Low of Cupertino.

TIckets for the family-friendly event started at $1,000 for one adult and a child under age 16.

"I think it's pretty  cool," said Cole Hammann, 11, of Menlo Park. He came with his parents who said it was their first time at a political fundraiser.

"This is a dimension of the political system we haven't seen before and so we wanted to check it out," said Andy Hammann.

"We love the idea of bringing our children and one of the reasons we're here is to show Cole the political process in the United States," said Cole's mother Lisa Hammann.

The fundraiser on Stockbridge Avenue was at the home of Sharon Meers and Steve Dostart, with many attractions for children.

"They had a trampoline and they had a facepaint and like a candy bar," said Karina Badger,8, of Pleasanton.

"They have a ton of stations for kids to vote, a kid-voting thing, and a like a question asking," said Gus Parker of Hillsborough.

Hillary Clinton arrived about an hour late coming from a previous fundraiser in Salinas.

Two girls Lillian Black, 13,  and Naomi Lossy, 12 both came from Cotati and shared photos from the event with KTVU.

They said Clinton ended the event by answering questions from the children.

"I was up towards the question and I got to ask about the debt and I thought she had a very appropriate answer. She had very good answers," said Niles Tilenius of Hillsborough.

Attendees said Clinton did not speak about the ruling Wednesday stating she inappropriately sent and received classified email on a private server. They said Clinton did tell the crowd, however, that she doesn't care what Donald Trump says about her.

"It did not come up. I don't care. I am supportive 100% because I feel she's the best candidate at this point," said Mercedes Badger of Pleasanton.

"I think a lot of those things are overblown. You get a lot of flak in the public eye," said Stephanie Tilenius of Hillsborough.

Outside, neighbors accustomed to candidate fundraising stops during this season, paused at the road blocks.Some say they're undecided and say it will be tough to choose in November.

"I'm more of middle of the road, but I feel the candidates are very polarizing in some ways so I'm not sure who I'm going to be voting for," said Anthony Sinclair, 18, a first-time voter who lives in the neighborhood.

A source says in the evening, Clinton attended a higher ticket fundraiser in Portola Valley. Thursday she has an organizing rally scheduled in San Jose, followed by another rally in San Francisco at the Hibernia  Building.

Both events are free and open to the public.