Hippie Hill 420 fest at Golden Gate Park is on after 2-year COVID hiatus

Marijuana enthusiasts, and those who like to take a puff or two on occasion, will be able to get enjoy 4/20 on San Francisco's Hippie Hill.

The unofficial high holiday would normally draw thousands, from near and far, to Golden Gate Park to smoke and chill, but since COVID Hippie Hill celebrations were put on hold.

The official Instagram account for the event recently posted that this year's festivities were back on after a two-year hiatus.

"Let’s Go 4/20 2022!!! You guys ready?!!!," the event page posted. "This year is going to be special."

Over the past two years, San Francisco officials have discouraged r revelers from flocking on the hill as the coronavirus pandemic worsened, evening putting up fences around the area to keep people out of the park.