Hundreds demonstrate in the East Bay to condemn attacks in Israel

Hundreds of demonstrators of Israeli descent and their allies marched through the streets of Walnut Creek Tuesday night, carrying flags and photos of the victims.

"Angry and hurt and just hard to find words," Katherine Hoenke told KTVU.

Demonstrators condemn the terror attack on Israel and on their own families.

"The worst that has ever happened since the Holocaust," Yana Berger said.

Berger’s own parents were hiding out in a bomb shelter in Ashkelon, fearing for their lives.

Cellphone video shows what’s left of their neighbor’s house after being blown up by a bomb.

"Women were raped. Children, children were kidnapped. Children were killed," Berger said. "Their heads been cut off by those brutal animals."

Wael Bhuaissy of San Ramon says Palestinian civilians are also suffering.

His family is in the Gaza strip in harm’s way.

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"All of what they’ve experienced all their lives really, they and everybody in Gaza since ‘48 and till now has been displacement and blockade," Buhuaissy said. "This is all they know."

A small but vocal group of pro-Palestinian protesters disrupted the rally which forced Walnut Creek Police to intervene.

A much calmer Rabbi Dovber Berkowitz of Chabad of Contra Costa meanwhile, was focused on achieving peace.

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Berkowitz was fearful for his own family in Jerusalem and of what the future holds.

He was also worried about the root of the problem.

"The problem doesn’t start with a 30-year-old that has a grievance," Berkowitz said. "The problem starts with how we’re raising our children."