Increase in cancer-causing compounds found in East Bay drinking water

There is a high increase of cancer-causing compounds in East Bay drinking water. 

East Bay Mud reported yesterday that the concentration of the contaminants is higher than its been in 20 years.

Lafayette and parts of the Berkeley hills are the most impacted areas, and are close to violating public health standards.

Water managers say the contaminant level is rising throughout the district. They add that the drought is partly to blame.

Hot temperatures and low water flow helped lead to more cancer-causing contaminats that are byproducts of the chlorine used to clean the water.

When homeowners cut back on water use, the water sat in district water tanks, which needed more added chlorine.

East Bay Mud says the water is safe to drink right now, but it is worried about people consuming it over a lifetime. 

Lafayette resident Sandy Sellers says she always drinks bottled water, but her rescue dog drinks tap water. She says he will now be drinking bottled water.

The cancer-causing compound is trihalomethane. Its level last year was 58 parts per billion, 18 parts higher than the water quality goal. 

The district says it needs to refine treatments or its plant equipment and it has already changed how it uses chlorine in drinking water.