Increased security at SFO following Turkey terror attack

SAN FRANCISCO (KTVU) -- This morning there is stepped up security at SFO as police respond following the attack in Turkey. 

"The flight attendants started talking to each other and we had live TV so we turned it on and saw the bombing," said Fabio Maia, a passenger from San Francisco.

At SFO, people waited anxiously outside the international arrival area at San Francisco International Airport Tuesday. As passengers came out of customs, many embraced family and friends.

Dena Aburahma of Dublin says when she heard of the attack, she worried about her father who was coming to visit them from Jordan and had a long layover in Istanbul.

"I started crying," Aburahma said, breaking into tears. "My daughter came over to me and said mom, what's wrong?"

"It is very sad," said her father, Khaled Aburahma, as he embraced his daughter and grandchildren.

Dena Aburahma's relief at seeing her father safe came with stress, knowing that she, her husband, 4-year-old daughter and baby boy are scheduled to fly to Istanbul next week on their way to Jordan.

"I'm scared. I don't want to go any more," Aburahma said.

"It's really shocking to see something like this happen inside the airport. And it's very concerning to travel to the same airport within four days it's going to be scary," said Aburahma's husband, Tamer Mansur.

At SFO's Turkish Airways counter some travelers, shaken, canceled or rebooked their flights on other airlines.

"The fact that I could have gone a day earlier and I could have been there when this happened, suddenly it just feels close to home," said Michelle Chang of Stanford who decided to change her flight.

Sukomal Modak of Pleasanton was worried about his wife who was supposed to fly through Istanbul to Bangladesh. They decided to wait a few days and rebook, but said their options are limited.