Intruder armed with axes shot and killed by SJPD at power plant

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Authorities say a suspect shot and killed by San Jose officers last night was carrying nearly a dozen weapons. The incident took place at the Metcalf Energy Center, a power facility in south San Jose. 

Police say the shooting at 1 Blanchard Road off U.S. Highway 101/ Old Monterey Road near Coyote Creek in South San Jose happened around 5:15 p.m. 

For San Jose Police, the preliminary call was concerning. A man had hopped the fence at the Metcalf Engery Center on Blanchard Road and he appeared to be armed.

Authorities say the man carried with him two axes, a long pole, six throwing knives, and pepper spray. He left a large sword on the driver's seat of his car.

He was on the grounds of the power plant, which serves part of San Jose, when officers confronted him.

"The suspect ignored commands and yelled shoot me and kill me several times during the incident. The suspect turned around and advanced toward the officers still armed with both the pole and the ax," said Police Chief Eddie Garcia.

Garcia says the suspect was asked to drop the weapons at least 23 times. But he kept advancing.

"When the suspect was approximately five to six feet away from the officers, one officer shot the suspect.," he said. "And then the suspect continued toward a second officer with the ax and pole still in his hands. And then the second officer also shot."

This is the first San Jose police officer-involved shooting of the year. A spokesperson at the plant told KTVU on Wednesday that none of their employees were hurt.

The suspect, described as an Asian man in his late 20s, was pronounced dead at the scene. Authorities say he had a history of narcotics and weapons offenses and had also been placed on a 72 hour psychiatric hold back in September.

At this point, they know nothing about his motive.

"It's sad for everybody involved. And we hope we'll be able to figure out exactly what his intent was at some point," Garcia said.

The officers have been placed on routine administrative leave.

The incident was captured on their body cameras, but the suspect's identity has not yet been released.