Jeopardy star Amy Schneider emcees Oakland's LGBTQ Cultural District event

Oakland is celebrating the creation of the Lakeshore LGBTQ Cultural District.

Jeopardy star Amy Schneider, who lives in Oakland and emceed the event on Tuesday, said: "I owe this town so much. It gave me the space to live as my true self and all the other success I've had in my life."

City leaders joined community members near Lake Merritt to highlight the importance of Oakland's first LGBTQ district.

They predict it will be a neighborhood where residents and visitors can thrive, free and proud.

"We have a lot of work to do but we can do it," said Joe Hawkins, co-founder of the district. "This is just the beginning. In my mind, the whole lake is the LGBTQ cultural district."

Supporters say this designation will help make sure that Oakland will continue to be a refuge for the LGBTQ community.