John's Grill honors late Sen. Dianne Feinstein during 115th-anniversary celebration

A California giant was honored at a San Francisco landmark on Wednesday.

A special tribute took place at the historic John's Grill, honoring the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein during the restaurant's 115th-anniversary celebration.

"Senator Feinstein was a regular at John’s Grill for decades," said owner John Konstin. "She has her photo up on the wall. We have a tribute for her today."

The tribute featured a reserved table adorned with a framed photograph of Sen. Feinstein. Dignitaries and elected officials attended the event to extend their well-wishes to John’s Grill and reflect on Feinstein's profound impact on San Francisco.

"When Moscone and (Harvey) Milk were assassinated, she got elevated to the mayorship," said former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. "And since then, her star was rising and rising and rising."


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Mourners paid their respects Wednesday to the late U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein in San Francisco City Hall, where she launched her groundbreaking political career and where she spent a decade as the city’s first female mayor.

Attendees also discussed her contributions to California and the nation at large.

"Dianne Feinstein is one of the great icons of our state, she’s earned her place in history," said Eleni Kounalakis, lieutenant governor of California. "I couldn’t be more proud as a San Franciscan of her leadership."

Personal anecdotes about Sen. Feinstein's influence were also shared.

"A huge reason I decided to run for office, stemmed from a conversation she had with my third-grade class," said state controller Malia Cohen. "She said to my class, ‘I’m the only woman that’s running and perhaps the next woman who wants to run for office is in this class.’"

Feinstein’s memory loomed large as the downtown establishment served up free lunch to thousands in commemoration of its 115th year in business.


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"We have a lot of food, a lot of wine, and it’s great to give back to the community and the community’s been so great to us," said Konstin.

For 115 years, John's Grill has hosted some of the most influential figures in politics, many of whom a featured on the restaurant's walls through photographs.

"John’s Grill is part of the heritage of the city literally, in every way," said Brown. "You go in there, you can see the history of San Francisco on the walls in the photographs."

A history that Sen. Feinstein’s legacy will always be part of.