Judge denies bail for suspect in San Francisco condo attack

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The man accused of attacking a woman outside her San Francisco condo building was denied bail at a court hearing on Thursday. 

A judge ordered Austin Vincent to remain behind bars without bail. 

After the judge's ruling, Vincent walked out of the courtroom cursing at the judge and continued to yell in a back hallway. 

The magistrate who made the decision was not the judge who initially heard the case. 

The judge watched the video of the assault in the courtroom showing the assault on a woman outside her condo along Embarcadero on Aug. 11. 

Vincent has been in custody since last week after he was accused by victims in a separate incident of being the man who threatened them with a knife in February. 

However, the judge dismissed that case following evidence that Vincent was in a substance abuse program in Huntington Beach at that time. 

The San Francisco District Attorney's Office still argued that they believe Vincent is a threat to public safety if released and the judge ultimately agreed.