Judge denies Gov. Newsom's request to have his political affiliation on recall ballot

California Governor Gavin Newsom, who is facing a recall election in September, will not be allowed to have his political party affiliation next to his name on the ballot after being denied by a state Superior Court judge on Monday. 

Gov. Newsom's legal team sued California's Secretary of State last month to get his party affiliation on the recall ballot. But he will not have a ‘D’ for Democrat next to his name. 

The judge, Hon. James P. Arguelles, denied Newsom's writ of mandate against his own appointee, Dr. Shirley N. Weber.  Court documents say Newsom failed to designate his party preference for inclusion on the recall ballot in a timely fashion. 

Newsom's campaign said it was inadvertent and asked Weber to allow the affiliation to appear. She said the issue needed to go to a judge and so Newsom filed a lawsuit. 

Last week organizers for the recall election and the gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner argued against Newsom. 

The recall election is scheduled for Sept. 14.

News of Newsom's legal denial came on the same day nationally syndicated conservative radio host, and Fox News regular, Larry Elder entered the recall election targeting Newsom.

The 69-year-old attorney and author joins a large Republican field that so far has no clear front-runner. He says he decided to enter his first campaign after witnessing California's out-of-control homeless crisis, spiking crime rates and whipsaw coronavirus lockdowns. Newsom was elected in a 2018 landslide in the heavily Democratic state. 

The recall election gained strength following school and business closures during the pandemic that upended life for millions of Californians.

Associated Press contributed to this report.