KFC opening a themed hotel in London — but only for 11 days

Now you can do more than just enjoy the taste of KFC — you can live it. 

The fast-food chain owned by YUM! Brands announced this week that it will be opening a temporary hotel in London where guests can book tickets for a one-night stay

The House of Harland – named after the KFC founder, Colonel Harland Sanders – will be open for just 11 nights, from Aug. 18 to Aug. 29, aiming to correlate with the chain’s 11 herbs and spices it uses on its chicken. 

The hotel is taking that correlation further by opening bookings starting on Aug. 11 at 11 a.m. BST on Hotels.com. A one-night stay will cost £111 ($154 USD) per room per night, the announcement said. 

According to the announcement, the hotel has a private movie theater, a "Press For Chicken" button and an arcade machine. 

Guests who are able to book a stay will be picked up in a Black Cadillac and will have their own "Chick-In Clerk" to help them enjoy their time, the announcement said. 

The hotel will, of course, be decorated with a lot of chicken. 

All proceeds from people’s stays at the hotel will go to the KFC Foundation, which funds various grassroots organizations in the U.K. that , according to the announcement.