Klay Thompson rescues Draymond Green in boat during Bay Bridge protest

We all knew Klay Thompson was a hero.

But what we might not have known was that he rescued his Warriors teammate Draymond Green in a boat on Nov. 16, the day pro-Palestinean activists shut down the Bay Bridge when President Biden was in town during the APEC Summit.

Green gave his take to Wave Sports Entertainment's 7PM in Brooklyn show, laughing at what happened with hosts Carmelo Anthony and Kid Mero.

"There was a protest on the Bay Bridge," Green said in the interview, which was posted late Thursday. "All this Gaza stuff." 

He said he was flying back from Los Angeles after being suspended, and he just couldn't get across the bridge. 

He tried to get the police to escort him, but that plan didn't work.

He had just finished being suspended for hitting Phoenix Suns center Jusuf Nurkic in the face, which resulted in a 12-game suspension.

But one of his Splash Brothers came through. 

"So Klay came on his boat across the water," Draymond said as he and the hosts burst out into giggles. "To pick me up at Jack London Square in Oakland."