Knife-wielding suspect shot & killed by Napa police

Napa County Sheriff's Department is investigating the deadly officer involved shooting of a man in a parking lot by two Napa police officers.

Napa Police Chief Steve Potter says dispatch received multiple 911 calls around 6:20 p.m. Monday.

Witnesses initially reported seeing a man brandishing a knife in the area of Soskal and Kansas. in front of the Home Depot.

Isidro Zarate, a homeless man who stays in the area tells KTVU he witnessed the police shooting.

He says the man walked across the street to a parking lot and confronted his two friends.

Zarate says the man appeared angry and was saying things that didn't make sense while he was waving around a foot-long knife.

Shortly after, he says police arrived.

"He said to the fight fight me..the knife like this . When he put the hand like this , the officer in the center ...(he makes a shooting motion) ...three or four times and the guy fell to the floor, " said Zarate.

Napa Police Chief Steve Potter says according to witnesses, "They said the subject was acting as if he were high or crazy .Officers were dispatched to the scene. They found that the subject had walked across the street to the north. They contacted him in the lot and multiple shots were fired shortly after."

Chief Potter says two officers from his department ...Napa Police opened fire.

It's not known yet if the shooting was captured on the officers' body cameras.

There's no identification on the man killed as of Monday night.

Zarate described the man as being white and either 20 or 21 years old.

The incident is being investigated by Napa County Sheriff's Department.