Lack of information on COVID vaccine distribution leads to confusion

The failure of the federal government to provide certainty on the delivery of COVID vaccines to states, has everyone from local health departments to governors wondering when reliable amounts will be available. 
From what we've learned, there's mass confusion about the mass infusion of COVID vaccines.
Singing teacher and coach, Marian Marsh, 84, certainly should be due for a vaccination sometime soon. 
"My doctor said, she's just taking her information from the health department. I don't know really, anything more than that," said Ms. Marsh. 
She is very concerned about delays due to underlying conditions. "I'm gonna be 85 in April and I've also had cancer," said Marsh. 
So, she has little choice than to follow the shelter-in-place mandate. "I don't know. I just try to take the orders and not get too hysterical about it," said Marsh.
Marsh is hardly alone.
"I want to get it. My concern mostly right now, is with the guidance. There is no guidance. How do you get it?: asked 71-year-old Merle Kahree. 
Even though Ms. Kahree is a senior, her first contact was not helpful. 
"I called my doctor's office yesterday and asked, 'Just  how is this gonna happen?' And, I was told they likely won't get the vaccine until June," said Kahree. 
She said she's looked on the city website, the state web site, the Medicare website and even her supplemental insurance website, but can find no definitive guidance and said, "I think there is no plan. I really wonder if there is a plan."
Dan Stanley will be 65 in March. 
"I checked the San Francisco Health Department website and they really don't have anything on there that I can find, they have no projected timeline or anything. It just doesn't say anything," said Mr. Stanley. 
Stanley said after checking the UCSF site and his medical care provider, there’s no timeline for when he can get in line. 
"So, in San Francisco, just seems that nobody’s gonna get vaccinated ever," said Stanley.
To pull off successful mass vaccinations three things are absolutely required. One: sufficient doses and syringes to inject them. Two: sufficient numbers of staff to give the shots. Three: a huge space, such as the 49ers Stadium parking lot, which has been offered up by the team’s president, for drive-through shots for socially distanced lines of people.
There are numerous sports venues and convention halls such as the Cow Palace, shopping malls, office complexes, even airports and fairgrounds that could host mass inoculations all over the Bay Area.  
Add to that the drugs stores, hospitals, health clinics, urgent care centers and doctors’ offices, plus other venues that will offer the shots, a fast, detailed and fair plan is not rocket science. 
"I think our infection rates are up because people are tired of waiting," said Stanley.
Easter, another potential family gathering super spreader holiday is coming up soon on April 4, followed by spring break and the summer holidays.