Late UNC coach Dean Smith buys former players one last dinner

One of legendary North Carolina Tar Heels coach Dean Smith's final wishes was to buy all of his former letterman players a dinner.

Coach Smith passed away on February 7, 2015. His trust, being carried out by a Charlotte firm, mailed a $200 check to the approximately 180 letterman Smith coached in his 36 year career.

One of those letters, sent to Dante Calabria, who played for his 1993 national championship team, was tweeted out on Thursday afternoon.

The letter says: As you are aware Coach Dean Smith passed away on February 7, 2015. As Trustee of the Dean E. Smith Revocable Trust, I am responsible for carrying out the direction of Coach Smith with respect to a small bequest to each varsity basketball letterman he coached.

Each player was important and special to Coach Smith and when he prepared his estate plan, Coach wanted to reach out to each of his letterman. Accordingly, Coach directed that following his passing, each letterman be sent a two hundred dollar ($200.00) check with the message "enjoy a dinner out, compliments of Coach Dean Smith." Enclosed in a check in the amount of two hundred dollars ($200.00) with the notation "Dinner out."

Please enjoy your dinner out.

Tim Breedlove from the Charlotte based accounting firm of Miller McNeish and Breedlove is handling the trust.

Breedlove tells that because UNC has such a tight-knit basketball community, it was easy for the university to provide the addresses for the former players.

"It's all about coach Smith," Breedlove says.

Michael Jordan is among the legendary players Smith coached at UNC. 

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