LGBTQ activist fighting dramatic rent increase in San Francisco

LGBTQ activist Cleve Jones said he is fighting what he calls a dramatic rent increase for his San Francisco apartment. 

Jones organized a rally at Harvey Milk Plaza in the Castro on Sunday. 

He said his landlord is raising his rent from $2,400 a month to $5,200. 

He has lived in his apartment for 12 years and says his experience highlights the housing hardships faced by so many in San Francisco. 

"This is not a fight we want," he said to a cheering crowd. "This is not a fight for which we are prepared, but I have come to the conclusion, this is not a fight from which I can walk away.   

Jones said he stayed in a cabin in Guerneville during the pandemic for safety reasons while his roommate stayed in San Francisco. 

His landlord kept track of the days he was gone, and used that as an excuse to say he was no longer a permanent resident and could raise his rent.

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