London Breed's Western Addition success story

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London Breed's ascent from a childhood in poverty just blocks from City Hall, to standing on the brink of becoming the first African American woman to serve as San Francisco mayor was a sight that brought some African American residents to tears Wednesday. 

"It's very emotional. Very emotional," said Breed's longtime friend Amelia Ashley-Ward, "London Nicole Breed from the hood, the ghetto, all obstacles against her, she fought her way out of it."

Many say Breed has shown the community what someone from humble beginnings can do. The photo on Breed's campaign website shows her with her grandmother who raised her in the former Plaza East public housing in the city's Western Addition neighborhood.

"Her sister OD'd, her brother's in prison. She's watched other members of her community killed by gunfire. She had to duck and dodge," said Ashley-Ward.

Dr. Amos Brown, Breed's pastor at the Third Baptist Church and president of San Francisco's chapter of the NAACP, has known Breed since she was a teenager and friend of his children.

"She knows how to manage stress and to process pain. She's a fighter," said Reverend Brown, "She played around here, she attended the meetings of the Youth Council of NAACP here."

Reverend Brown says Breed's grandmother, who passed away several years ago would have loved to see this moment.

"Happy and proud of her granddaughter," said Rev. Brown, "She would say to every child in this hood here, if London could do it you can do it."

Some young girls in the neighborhood said it was an inspiration. 

"I think it's pretty cool," said Samia Fuad, a 10th grader who lives near the spot where Breed was raised, "if she felt like something wasn't right around here she can make it better."

"I guess if you work hard it pays off later in life," said Aynan Nure, a 6th Grader who also grew up in the Western Addition. 

Breed says she wants to give a victory speech Thursday morning in the Western Addition at her alma mater, Rosa Parks Elementary School. 

Once the election results are officially certified, Breed could be sworn in by July 11th.