Longtime SJPD officer named new police chief

San Jose has a new top cop after the city announced on Tuesday that it selected a 25-year veteran of the police department to lead the force. 

The San José City Council confirmed Deputy Chief Anthony Mata to the post, replacing Interim Chief David Tindall. Tindall took over after Eddie Garcia retired in December. 

Mata is a Chicago native and moved to San Jose in 1996 to join the city's police department. 

He rose through the ranks, starting out as a rookie cop and later becoming deputy chief, a role he had for over four years. 

"It is the greatest honor of my professional career to lead this great department at this time of needed social and organizational change," Mata said after his confirmation. 

"I'm just grateful for this opportunity to lead our exceptional workforce at this time," he said. "I look forward to our continued work with our communities to make our communities safer."

Mata was selected over two fellow officers and a fourth finalist. SJPD Acting Chief David Tindal and Deputy Chief Heather Randol were also up for the position. The fourth finalist was retired Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Assistant Chief Larry Scirotto. 

"I'm just extremely grateful for Tony and his willingness to take on this role and the work that he has done to date and the work that he will do in the future," said San Jose City Manager David Sykes.

And there is plenty of work to do.

The city is still grappling with fallout - and lawsuits - after officers were accused of excessive force during last year's racial justice protests.

And several officers were placed on leave after they and some retired officers allegedly made racist and demeaning posts on Facebook.