'Lovely surprise': Mysterious piano appears in Oakland's Dimond Park

Hikers said a piano appeared this summer near a creek at Oakland's Dimond Park — and no one is quite sure how it got there.

Some people said hearing others play the piano is a lovely addition to their morning or afternoon hike.

"It's a good surprise, you don't expect stuff like that. It's far enough out there that someone had to work pretty hard, I assume, to roll it all the way out," Andrea Bouch of Oakland said. "It's unexpected, but it's a lovely surprise."

The spinet piano is along a popular park trail by Sausal Creek.

"I was just baffled. What a perfect place — usually there's not very many people, and it's just amazing acoustics," Kiron Kirsch-Bosner of Berkeley said. "So I was stoked that someone brought it here, it's awesome."

People at the park also said the area where the piano was placed is normally empty, but since the piano appeared, there's been a gathering of folks listening to whoever is playing.