Mama bear and cub enjoy slides at North Carolina playground

Adorable video shows a mother bear and her cub playing on the playground at an elementary school in Asheville, North Carolina on Sept. 21. 

Fifth-grade teacher Betsie Stockslager recorded the video as the bears played at Isaac Dickson Elementary School.

"Y’all – seriously! This happened today," Stockslager wrote on Instagram. "It made me so happy to watch this mama bear entertaining her cub and playing on our playground…this was after school, ya know – that time in the afternoon when you just have to take your kid to the playground to get their energy out!" she added.

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"We often have bears on campus and our students are very used to the safety protocols in place," she told Storyful. "We go into perimeter lockdown when the bears show up and we’re lucky to safely capture this moment."

Another teacher, Nancy Roberts Culpepper, said the teachers watched the bears "for about 30 minutes because they were so cute!"

This story was reported from Los Angeles.