Man beaten to death on popular Napa trail

Andrea Davis has a message to whoever killed her father.

"You really really really hurt somebody's family. And I'll never be able to talk to my dad again."

Davis' father Douglas Davis Jr. died after he was found beaten at about 10 p.m. Wednesday along a Napa trail.

"If you really thought whatever you wanted was worth it, it's not," she said. "And it's not fair. And he didn't deserve to die like that. I just think it's so twisted, and I just need justice for him. He deserves that much.

Davis was found lying near his bike along the popular Napa Valley Vine Trail near Main Street and Central Avenue. First responders initially thought he may have fallen while riding along the path.

"We went to our backyard fence," a neighbor told KTVU. "They were administering aid to the guy."

Police later said Davis' death was a homicide. They're not ready to discuss a motive, but say they're casting a wide net.

"At this point, we are investigating all aspects related to this case," said Napa police Lt. Gary Pitkin. "And we're not taking anything off the table.

Davis was a lifelong Napa resident, a proud father of three, a grandfather and a big sports fan who worked at a local Safeway store.

"He was a happy-go lucky-guy with a very soft heart," said his mother, Patricia Davis, her voice breaking.

"And we talked every day," said his father, Douglas Davis Sr. "We just gotta get through this, as best as we can."

Andrea Davis passed out fliers near the crime scene and all over downtown Napa, hoping to steer tips to the police.

She approached one man on a bike. 

"Excuse me?" she called out. "My dad was murdered."

The man did a loop in an intersection and cycled back to her. 

"On the bike path?" he asked.

"Yes," she responded. "If you know anything or know anybody, can you contact and spread the word, please?"

"Most certainly," the man on the bike said.

There were many people who knew Douglas Davis Jr. 

"I just found out. I'm sorry to hear that. I recognize him, too," one man said as he accepted a flier from Andrea Davis.

Given that he was so well-known in Napa, police hope people will come forward.

"We strongly believe that somebody in our community knows something about this crime,"  Pitkin said . "And we urge those individuals to contact Napa Police Department."