Man dressed as clown arrested for DUI

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Jefferson County Sheriff's Office in Alabama don't clown around when it comes to a driver under the influence.

He was not only driving erratically over the weekend, he was in a clown costume head-to-toe. Police said 51-year-old Joel Sloan was arrested Saturday for DUI and an outstanding warrant. reported a driver was seen weaving in and out of lanes and reported it to police. A deputy then caught up with Sloan's SUV and pulled him over.

Dressed as a clown, Sloan told the officer he had a few drinks at a restaurant. Though, he gave no explanation of his costume. Not only was he arrested for DUI, he also had an outstanding felony warrant for first-degree theft.

The clown's bond was set at $2,500. The arresting officer says he thought he had seen it all--until then. He also said, it's no laughing matter because "DUI is dangerous."

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