Man makes miraculous recovery after suffering traumatic brain injury after wife refuses to pull plug

A Georgia woman is crediting faith for her decision not to cut off her husband's life support after he was involved in a devastating motorcycle crash.

Danielle Davis and husband Matt were married just 7 months when he suffered a traumatic brain injury during the crash. Doctors advised her to pull the plug, but Danielle stayed firm in her decision to keep him alive.

"I knew that God could get us through that," she said, in an interview at the couple's Georgetown home Tuesday. "I didn't think that it was too big for God."

Eventually, Matt was released into her care. After many weeks, one day Matt spoke to Danielle.

He said, "I'm trying."

But even after that miraculous moment, things got even tougher for Danielle and Matt. She realized that he had no idea that his father had died, or that they were even married.

3 years had completely vanished from Matt's brain.

But Matt says that when he found out that he was married to Danielle, it was one of the brighter spots in all of the struggles.

"I saw her, and I was like, 'yeah,'' he recalls.

Matt is currently going through rehab and Danielle is helping him use yoga to help him regain control of his body and strengthen his mind.

He no longer requires medications, but the couple needs the funds to keep his rehabilitation going. Their insurance will no longer cover the services. So they have started a GoFundMe page to raise money.

And after just one month, the campaign has raised over $11,000.

Matt is making great progress and learning how to walk again. He wants people to encourage people to cherish the things their bodies can do.

"People don't realize how much they can actually do with their bodies," he said. "They take it for granted."