Man sues Sacramento, says officer targeted him because of race

A man hurled to the ground and repeatedly punched by a police officer, as seen on video, has now filed a lawsuit against the city and county of Sacramento. The offense was allegedly for jaywalking. The man, who is black, claims he was targeted because of his race.

Nandy Cain, the pedestrian tackled to the ground by a Sacramento officer says he suffered a broken nose and a concussion during the altercation. 

"I'm here to get justice and to make sure justice is served and to make sure that this doesn't happen to anyone else," Cain said. 

The incident was also captured on a patrol car's dash cam video. The police department is also named in the lawsuit. 

"Racism is still alive. And you would think that it's 2017 that it would die, but it still exists," Cain added. 

Cain's legal team claims African Americans in Sacramento are disproportionately stopped for jaywalking, compared to other ethnic groups. and they want Officer Anthony Figueroa to suffer consequences for this altercation. 

"We believe this officer should be terminated immediately and also the department itself should take a real close look at the use of force," said Cain's attorney John Burris. 

Two weeks ago, the Sacramento Police Department placed officer Figueroa on administrative leave and called the video "troubling". They declined to comment on Monday's lawsuit filing, which also involves allegations that Cain was abused while he was booked in the County Jail. 

"This is a man who was going home from work, taken to jail, thrown on the ground, restrained by several men, several sheriff's department deputies as well as Officer Figueroa, stripped of his clothes, forcibly had his clothes ripped off his person," said Adante Pointer, also an attorney for Cain. 

"I want to reiterate that at this time these are only allegations. And before people jump to conclusions, let the investigation take its course," said Sacramento Sheriff's spokesman Tony Turnbull.