Man who was diagnosed with autism thrilled to finally get tattoo

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A 23-year-old man who was diagnosed Autism was having problems finding a tattoo shop to give him a tattoo. Some shops turned him away because they were concerned about his mindset.

Sandi Green tells KTVU her son, who goes by the nickname 'Buzz,' has always wanted a tattoo. "As a child he loved the fake ones and would freak out when they washed off," she said. When he was younger and asked for a tattoo, Green told him he would have to wait until he was 18.

Green, who says she's not a tattoo person herself, decided to help her son make his dream happen; but she decided to postpone it until he turned 23. Of course, a week before his 23rd birthday, Buzz began asking again for his tattoo.

Before starting the search for a tattoo artist, Green cleared the idea with Buzz's doctor who supported the idea.

Buzz, who Green describes of happy-go-lucky, loves a show that was on Nickelodeon in the 1990's called 'The Rugrats.' He always dreamed of having a tattoo of the main character 'Tommy.' "He wanted Tommy in underwear - not a diaper - I have no idea why, but that's what he had to have," she said.

Green and her husband started looking for shops that would agree to give Buzz a tattoo but multiple shops said they weren't comfortable, or would quote very high prices. Green said she doesn't blame the shops since it was unclear how Buzz, who is 6'3" and 200 pounds, would respond during the tattoo process.

Buzz and his parents had been looking around since August when they found tattoo artist Pat Masga with Northwest Inkorporated.

Masga said, "(Buzz kept) getting overpriced quotes and flat out told 'no' so they decided to check out my shop. Well guess what? He sat like a rock, was positive all the way of what he wanted and finally got his dream tattoo! So be like Buzz and don't let them tell you 'no' or 'not possible,' cause damn it, me and Buzz?!, We did it!"

Masga said he learned about the situation before he even met Buzz. He said since Buzz was so sure he wanted the tattoo, the least he could do was try. "When Buzz arrived he had a huge smile. From the moment I met him and that's when I told myself that this tattoo is getting done - no matter what adjustments I have to make. Whether it took me five hours or five sessions, I was willing to do it. He sat like a champ, didn't complain or quit, and we did it!"

Masga said Buzz was thrilled with the final product and he was happy to be part of the memorable moment in Buzz's life. 

Green says Buzz loves his new tattoo and is now anxious to add the rest of the Rugrats gang to his arm. She says he'll be saving up his money for his next visit to his "new best friend" Pat.