March held for missing Oakley woman where trail seems to end

 Friends and family of a missing woman from East Contra Costa County are trying to raise awareness about her disappearance and they organized a walk on Sunday that began where the missing woman's trail seems to end.

Oakley police are leading the investigation in the case of 24-year-old Alexis Gabe, missing for 11 days.     

While police work to develop leads, Friends and family are doing what they can to keep the case on everyone's mind.  

"Every day feels, like, unreal.  It's really heartbreaking," said Kaylee Mesnickow, a friend.

 It's a feeling expressed by many who turned out to shed light on this case and where many wore T-shirts emblazoned with her face. 

She was last known to be in Antioch on Jan. 26. That's when she went to see an ex-boyfriend.

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She never returned home to Oakley that night.

"We are still looking for her and we are still going to look for her until we find her," said Megan Granado, a friend.

In Oakley, 100 or so people gathered at the corner of Trenton Street and Oakley Road Sunday, an important location in the case.

It's where Gabe's car was found abandoned a day after her disappearance.  The keys were in the ignition and the doors were unlocked.

"She totally loved her car.  She would not leave her car anywhere, especially not with the keys in the ignition.  Her car was just her life.  28," said Claudia Ramirez, who said she's the mother of Alexis' best friend.  

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The crowd marched toward City Hall to raise awareness about Gabe's disappearance in order to help police develop more leads to find a woman seemingly beloved by all.

"She's just a person everyone met and said like 'that's my soulmate, that's like my best friend,'" said Granado.

Police consider Gabe's disappearance suspicious and recently searched a home in Antioch, the city where her ex lives.

They collected a vacuum cleaner and other evidence, but didn't disclose who lives in the home.

The marchers made their way down Main Street to a park at Civic Center Plaza, where they comforted one another, and a pastor led a prayer urging everyone to keep the faith that Gabe will eventually be found.

"Keep on holding to that hope, no matter what it might seem like," said pastor Babatunde Onadele Sr. "I don't want you to forget that.  Hold on to that hope."  

 Oakley police have not released any new information in the case, but say they may have more to say sometime this week.