Martinez dealership targeted again after thieves steal 2 luxury cars

Thieves made off with two expensive cars from a Martinez used-car dealership early Tuesday, months after a similar break-in.

The latest thefts at Platinum Motors on Alhambra Avenue happened at about 5 a.m.

Ernesto Villalobos, an operations manager at the dealership, detailed the break-in,"So basically they came in here, helped themselves to the keys."

He displayed a board that once held an array of car keys, revealing that the thieves had taken more keys than cars.


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Despite ongoing efforts by law enforcement in the Bay Area to stop illegal sideshows, large crowds gathered again in Vallejo over the weekend to watch screeching vehicles spinning donuts, coming dangerously close to, if not hitting, spectators. There were also reports of shots being fired.

"They might come back," Villalobos cautioned.

Surveillance footage captures several young men approaching the business. After rummaging through offices and stealing keys, they drove right off the lot with a silver 2016 Audi A7 worth $107,000 and a white 2022 BMW X5 SUV worth about $50,000.

"Of course, they were looking for high-end cars, expensive cars," Villalobos said.

This is not the first time that the business has been targeted. In July, burglars stole two Dodge Hellcats, one red and one black.

Video posted online shows the red Challenger spinning donuts during a sideshow, 400 miles away in Compton.

"Saw it in LA in a car show, still got the stickers on, just doing donuts in the car show," Villalobos said.

However, the joyride was short-lived, as the $86,000 car ended up crashing into another car at the sideshow.

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Villalobos has not seen either Challenger since the thefts occurred.

The recent break-in on Tuesday has left the staff concerned that further thefts may be forthcoming.

"We come in to start trying to make a living, and we come to this," Villalobos said.

While insurance will cover the losses, Villalobos emphasized that these crimes inconvenience both customers and employees. The BMW was slated for sale later in the day.

"All I can say is, we have families to support, you’re not helping us, you know, so this is affecting everybody," he said.

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