Martinez water main break is city's second break in 5 days

Water gushed down Escobar Street near downtown Martinez Sunday morning, turning the road into a shallow, muddy river.

A water main burst at the intersection of Escobar Street and Talbart Street. Police say flooding caused some minor damage to a few garages. They shut down part of the road. 

"It was a shame seeing all the water going to waste," said neighbor Rick Fletcher. "I heard it break. And it sounded like a street breaking up and water gushing and then I looked out front and could actually see the street going from dry to wet. I said, whoa that sounds just like a river."

The city shut off water to several surrounding blocks. Jamie Hilgendorf said he couldn't take a shower. "I turned the water on and nothing came out of the faucet."

City crews brought in a backhoe to dig up the street. A worker told me this was a 6-inch water main. The pipes are old, and he said it may have burst because of the heat. 

This the latest in a series of water main breaks in Martinez over the past two weeks. Neighbors told KTVU they are prepared with backup water supplies but were still inconvenienced on a hot summer day. 

"It can be significant," said neighbor Dan Sawdey. "You go without water and then you realize how much you're using it."