More flooded areas of San Jose given the 'all clear' to return

City officials in San Jose said Thursday the city has made progress, with residents living in two more areas given the “all clear” to go back home after this week’s massive flooding.

Officials said than 1,080 homes remain under mandatory evacuation orders. About 3,800 people can't go home just yet. So far, more than 10,000 have been given the green light and allowed to move back.

In the Rock Springs area of San Jose, crews spent the evening putting in this temporary hose to ensure proper sewage flows. The Barragan family was cleaning their belongings in the dark with no electricity.

“It’s sad because everything is gone so we have to start all over again,” said Flood Victim Daisy Barragan.

However, these aren't just any belongings, it's her parents’ livelihood. Holding a flashlight, 13-year-old Daisy was helping her mother wipe down her make up kit. Her mother does hair and makeup for a living.. Her dad is a mechanic. He was salvaging his tools.

“A lot of money is now in the trash,” said Barragan. “Everything is gone. All the money is gone now.”

Their refrigerator shows how high the water level came. The garage and bathroom are a muddy mess. To top it off, they don't have flood insurance.

“The whole place got destroyed so for now I don't know what to say,” said Flood Victim Manuel Barragan. “I don't know what to do. We feel kind of lost right now.”
They are not alone. Families packing what they can. Dozens of cars caked in mud. Whle this area is under a mandatory evacuation, late Thursday afternoon, city officials gave the green light for families to return to apartments nearby at 12th and Keyes and the Riverbend Mobile Home Park, one of three parks evacuated.

“We’ve continued to pump out waters into the creek channel and we can say at this time we are pretty much dry in all three parks,” said San Jose Asst. Fire Chief Robert Sapien.

The city’s focus now is estimating the damage, critical in requesting state and federal disaster relief money. Families like the Barragans are banking on that assistance..

“It’s pretty sad about what happens to all of us,” said Manuel Barragan. “Now all of us are going to be looking for a new home.”

Beginning Friday morning, city officials say they plan to distribute free dumpsters to help residents remove their debris.