More than 1,200 vets in South Bay placed in permanent housing

As the nation officially observes Veterans Day on Monday, some officials in in the South Bay are observing a milestone reached in providing help for vets in dire need of housing through the “All the Way Home” program.

The city of San Jose, in collaboration with Santa Clara County and the Housing Authority launched this program in 2015.

Since that time, more than 1,200 vets who were homeless have been placed in permanent housing.

This includes 636 vets helped through federally-supported VA Supportive Housing vouchers.

Additionally, 703 veterans have also been housed through a federal partnership with several county non-profits.

While  Santa Clara County has seen a significant in-flow of homeless vets over the past three years, the county housed those individuals at a higher rate than they entered.

Because of that success, the “All The Way Home” program is being extended for another two years.

In a statement, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo says, “By collaborating, we’ve been able to make gains and want to continue the momentum.  We must fufill the moral obligation we have to ensure every veteran has a roof over their head.”

And supervisor Dave Cortese added, “Santa Clara County is committed to ending this crisis.” The “All The Way Home” provides incentives for local landlords in the county who want to help by housing a homeless vet.

In San Jose, a $3-million grant from the city allowed the  “Vermont House” to open its doors earlier this year.

And thanks to that opening, 16 formerly homeless vets have a place to call home.

There’s a celebration for Vermont House Tuesday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.