'Mother Bunch Brewing' empowering women, brewing great beer

Julie Meeker, co-founded of 'Mother Bunch Brewing' says their product is just as good as the competitions, but there's one thing that sets them a part.

Let's just say when it comes to beer, they're redefining "that feminine touch."

"You know people talk about that, 'it's a women thing' and it's not a women thing. We're just as capable of making good beer and it has nothing to do with whether we're a man or a woman," said Meeker.

Once a construction worker, Meeker has been bucking stereotypes her whole life. 

"I've always been that girl that if a boy said, 'You can't do it,' I said, 'yes I can,'" said Meeker.

After she discovered her passion for home brewing she found other woman were interested as well. Just ask some of the gals that work at Mother Bunch.

"We have a lot of fun every day. We really enjoy what we do and we want to make a quality product so how can you be angry or not enjoy yourself when you're making something that brings people pleasure?" said Steene Routh.

Although Meeker has enjoyed independent success, she says a lot of the credit goes to mom and dad.

"I'm lucky I have great parents and they were always very supportive and never tried to pigeonhole me into some role that they thought was more appropriate for a girl," said Meeker.