Mother died protecting kids from Greyhound bus shooter in Northern California

The woman who was shot and killed last week aboard a Greyhound bus in Oroville, Calif., died protecting her children, according to her family. 

Karin Dalton, the 43-year-old mother of four, was gunned down allegedly by Asaahdi Coleman, who started shooting at passengers as they exited the Los Angeles-bound bus after it stopped at a convenience store authorities said.

"She blocked the way of the gunman from her daughter," said Cynthia Mattern, Dalton's aunt. "Her kids were her whole world. She did everything she could to protect them and keep them safe."

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Dalton was on the bus with her two youngest children heading to New Mexico from Washington state to visit one of her older sons.

Four others, including Dalton's 11-year-old daughter, were shot and are recovering from their injuries. 

Coleman was arrested, naked, inside a Walmart after getting into a fight, authorities said. 

The motive is unclear, but passengers said he was acting erratically before he opened fire.

He failed to appear in court Friday because he refused to leave jail, according to authorities. He is being held without bail.