Motorcylist killed in fiery crash in Oakland

A fiery crash along busy International Boulevard in East Oakland Wednesday afternoon killed a motorcycle rider and sent four other people to the hospital. 

The collision involved an SUV and a motorcycle. 

Surveillance video showed the motorcyclist speeding along International Boulevard and crashing into a light-colored SUV just before 3:15 p.m.

The collision caused the bike to burst into flames. The motorcyclist is not seen in the video. 

The impact ejected the man a distance away from the bike, but he did suffer severe burns.

"I just heard the crash and then people and kids screaming," said Alex Esquivel. 
He said he and his father ran out of their furniture store with fire extinguishers to put out the flames consuming the bike and the motorcyclist.  

"He was unconscious. He was lit on fire, but he wasn't moving. We tried everything we can to help him," said Esquivel.  

Less than 30 seconds later, a motorcycle officer arrived at the scene. Police said he was in the area, saw the fire, and responded.

It was devastating, to see a person on fire in the middle of the street.

"Everybody was trying to help. People were trying to help the other family," said Darlene Franco, who was inside her family's restaurant Otaez, steps from the crash on International near 39th Avenue.

The other family was the SUV driver: a mother with her three teenage children inside. 

Police said the family and the motorcyclist were transported to the hospital where the motorcyclist died.

"When we heard he passed away. We were just in shock. We were shaking right after," said Esquivel.

The family of four was treated for minor injuries. 

Police said speed was a factor in this crash.


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Esquivel and others said people often use the bus lane to speed and run red lights in this area.

"The city; they got to change. There's been more than 10 crashes here already because of that bus lane," said Esquivel.  

"It's just sad. I pray for both families in this situation," said Franco.  

A police sergeant at the scene said the motorcyclist killed was a 32-year-old man from Oakland.

His identity has not been released yet as authorities are working to notify his family. 

Investigators said it is unknown at this time if drugs or alcohol were factors in this crash.  

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