Mountain lion caught creeping past Nest Cam in Half Moon Bay

Steve Maller shared Nest Cam video that shows a mountain lion walk across his yard and right past his front door. "To have one literally walk across our front doorstep, I’m still a little bit shaky," Maller said. The video was taken just after 6:30 a.m. Monday on Railroad Avenue near Poplar Beach in Half Moon Bay. "It came through the front of our yard and actually ducked underneath our pickup truck there," said Maller.

Maller said he decided to check his camera after seeing several Nextdoor posts that the lion had been seen in this residential neighborhood. "Sure enough we had a beautiful image of a magnificent mountain lion right past literally where we’re standing right now," he said.

The animal was first spotted Friday on First Avenue near Grove Street, which prompted Hatch Elementary School to shelter in place.

Over the weekend, there were more sightings. Maller said a neighbor’s cat was killed, presumably by the lion. "I actually saw what I believe to be the same animal carrying something in his jaws at about 3 o’clock in the morning a couple nights ago," said Maller.

Ken Paglia, the Public Information Officer with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife said these locations of the sightings are mountain lion habitat, and a lion’s range can be large. "Sometimes their habitat is splintered by urbanization," said Paglia.  "So sometimes mountain lions have to go from one patch of suitable habitat to another patch of suitable habitat and they have to go through a residential area to get there."

Paglia said there are no plans to capture and relocated the animal. He urged residents to take precautions by securing pets and keeping an eye on small children.

"Mountain lions usually aren’t dangerous and mountain lion attacks are very rare, but it doesn’t mean they can’t happen," said Paglia.

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Neighbors said they are staying vigilant, like Kevin Murphy who was walking his dog Libby. "She stays in at night and we will be more aware when we walk around dawn and dusk," said Murphy.

Others were surprised and excited to see this sort of wildlife in their backyards, but hope the mountain lion makes it way to the foothills.

"Ya it’s kind of rare," said neighbor Colin Sullivan. "I’ve lived here a long time and I’ve never heard of or seen a mountain lion in this neighborhood."

"Look we’re in its property you know? So we’re all aware of it. We’re vigilant And I think it’s going to move on," said neighbor Patricia Holmes.

In a press release, the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office said, "For most of us a Mountain lion sighting is a rarity, but should you see one, maintain your distance and please call 9-1-1 immediately."