MUST SEE: Video of Alabama toddler saying ABC's

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A metro Birmingham toddler with Down syndrome is capturing the hearts of thousands after his grandmother shared an adorable video of him saying the ABC's. Warning: this will likely be the cutest video you watch all week.. scratch that -- all year! 

On Sunday, Pam Gables Sapp uploaded a 50-second clip to Facebook of her 2-year-old grandson, John David, repeating each letter in the alphabet. 

"Best ABC's I ever heard!" Sapp said. "Wait for the W." 

As John David gets to the letter "W" he pauses and his eyes light up with excitement. He's asked to repeat "W" and instantly displays the most adorable grin you've ever seen. He finally says "W" and starts clapping. The video has more than 12.6 million views. It has more than 318,000 likes and 294,000 shares. 

John David, who was born eight weeks premature, is the son of Cameron and Hannah Marlin and lives in a small town called Helena. He is also a proud big brother. 

"It has definitely been a wonderful feeling and so encouraging that it has brought joy to so many people!" Hannah Marlin told FOX 5 News on Wednesday. 

The Marlins were visiting family on Sunday in Jacksonville, Alabama when John David said his ABC's for the first time. That's when his grandmother hit the record button. 

"He is a child with Down Syndrome that some people might personify as being delayed or someone to feel sorry for," Sapp told "But yet (in the video) you're seeing him as a typical child with such joy. By the time he gets to the end with the W, you can tell he's thinking 'I've got this, I can do it.'"

Since the post has gone viral, Hannah Marlin has been touched by the number of stories strangers have shared with her about other children with Down syndrome. Facebook user Heather Newcomb said she's 25-weeks pregnant and found out on New Year's Eve that her baby has Down syndrome. Newcomb said the precious video brought tears to her eyes. 

"Since the day John David was born, he has been the biggest blessing our family could have ever asked for. And now the Lord is working in so many wonderful ways with John David's video, and seeing comments like this are exactly what I'm hoping for from all of this," Marlin said. "To hopefully help any expecting mom that may be having a child with Down syndrome to not be afraid or worried. But to see the great joy and ability in disability! I'm so blessed to call this one mine, and to now be able to share him and his amazing personality with so many people all over the world! Thank you everyone for your overwhelming love and feedback! We are grateful to you all!" 

John David's mother said he loves dancing in front of the mirror and watching himself. He also loves watching videos of himself, including his now-viral ABC's video! He attends school at The Bell Center for Early Intervention in Birmingham.

Watch the priceless video above... you won't be sorry!