Napa woman in custody for fatal hit and run

A Napa woman is jailed on $1 million bail for a fatal hit and run. The victim was struck last Thursday evening and died Monday morning.

The search for 47-year-old Hang Thuy Ha, also known as Laura Ha, ended Sunday in Santa Rosa where police pulled her over in a rental car.

"It's evident that she was taking measures to evade law enforcement after the collision," Napa Police Lt. Brian Campagna told KTVU, "and we're saddened about Mr. Lynch  succumbing to his injuries."

57-year-old Andrew Lynch was crossing four-lane Redwood Road, just west of Solano Avenue, about 9:30 p.m.

A crosswalk was only a few hundred feet away, but Lynch was crossing at mid-block.

He suffered major internal and head injuries, and was unconscious and unresponsive when paramedics arrived.

Security cameras at a 7-Eleven Store and Chevron gas station captured images of Ha's cream colored Cadillac Escalade at the scene. 

She was aware of what happened, and even stepped out of her SUV briefly as Lynch lay bleeding.

"We do believe that she called 911," explained Lt. Campagna, "after she did stop and get out of the vehicle. But she ultimately fled without waiting for the police to arrive and investigate."

Ha cut through a shopping center parking lot to get out of the area.

In short order, her vehicle license plate led to the Ha family home five miles from the accident scene.

"I guess she panicked, freaked out, but that poor guy," observed neighbor Rick Ward, who lives on Tejas Avenue, a few doors down from the couple.    

"I don't usually have police be-bopping to my house saying 'hey do you know this person down here? '".

Investigators served a warrant at the home, searching for Ha and the Escalade, but both were missing, and Ha's husband was no help.

"He's a contractor, I think. And I don't know what she does. They have a couple of kids. And they're quiet, friendly, nice enough," added Ward.  

 Through the weekend, Napa police posted photos of the vehicle on Facebook, and generated hundreds of shares, as well as widespread outrage that Lynch was left dying on the street.

"We knew him for the last three or four years, he was a regular," 7-Eleven clerk Maqsood Chaudrhy told KTVU, describing how Andrew Lynch was friendly to everyone, and often rode his bike in the neighborhood.

"This was shocking. After all, we are human beings, and if anybody is dying due to you, you should stop and see him," declared Chaudrhy.

Laura Ha was finally apprehended Sunday evening in Santa Rosa, where police, acting on a tip, were watching for her.

They pulled her over in a rental car. Ha had apparently driven as far south as Milpitas to stay in a motel over the weekend.

The Escalade was discovered at another property, a triplex on Seymour Street in Napa, associated with the couple.

The vehicle was behind a locked gate, off the street, and police say it had significant front end damage.

Hang Thuy Ha is in the Napa County Jail on suspicion of felony hit and run, causing great bodily injury or death.

Her husband, Peter Hoang, was also arrested as an accessory to a felony.

Police say he hid his the whereabouts of his wife and the Escalade.