Neighbors concerned about risk of asbestos during Candlestick Park demolition

SAN FRANCISCO (KTVU) - Candlestick Park is coming apart at the seams. A new stage of the 'Stick's demolition began Thursday as a high-reach excavator began tearing away at ramps and stairwells.

It's the next phase of a scheduled five-month demolition. "It hasn't really been loud until maybe today," said Rebecca Weaver, a resident at a nearby RV park. "You've heard some noises over there so you know they're working."

Other residents worried that they are at risk. Candlestick Point Neighborhood Committee Chairwoman Shirley Moore fought to keep Candlestick from being imploded, but said the piece-by-piece demolition leaves much to be desired.

"What concerns me is the dust," said Moore. "We're just concerned about (the developer) violating the environmental dust plan."

The developer, Lennar, told KTVU Thursday there are daily dust inspections underway, with four air quality monitoring stations onsite measuring for asbestos and tiny particulates, or, fine dust.

Moore said the community needs to see them. "When we asked them about the monitors, they showed it to us in a Powerpoint, but they were unwilling to give us access to the site," said Moore.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District says no asbestos issues have been detected so far. "Our air quality monitors are extremely sensitive," said BAAQMD Communications Manager Kristine Roselius. "So because they're located right at the site in the parking area, they should be a good indicator of any air quality issues."

Crews on Thursday sprayed water to keep dust from travelling too far as the excavator chipped away at the complex.

San Francisco Department of Public Health Program Manager Stephanie Cushing told KTVU inspectors report demolition crews are washing dust from trucks before heading out into the surrounding neighborhood.

Cushing said DPH monitors haven't detected abnormally high levels of particulate matter either.

Still, Moore said the Candlestick Point Neighborhood Committee plans to raise its concerns about the demolition at Monday's Citizens Advisory Committee meeting.