Neighbors sue owner of San Francisco home that exploded

Neighbors of a San Francisco home that exploded are suing the property owner for the deadly blast. 

Two neighbors sued the owner Tuesday, saying the owner created the conditions that led to the fire on 22nd Avenue in the Sunset district.

One person was killed and two houses were badly damaged when an alleged illegal hash oil operation blew up on February 9.

The lawsuit contends that the owner knew their tenant had large tanks of chemicals to fuel a hash oil laboratory in the basement but did nothing to stop it. 


Video shows moment San Francisco home exploded

Home surveillance video shows the force of a blast that lifted a home off its foundation in San Francisco's Sunset District and leaving a woman dead.

Investigators said Darron Price, 53, ran the drug lab that detonated, killing his wife.

In addition to leveling the home Price used, the flames caused extensive damage to two nearby homes

The neighbors are seeking an undisclosed amount.