New Apple store in Walnut Creek robbed

Walnut Creek police are investigating a recent Apple store robbery that happened over the weekend.
They're also trying to determine if it's the same suspects are responsible for other Apple store robberies in the Bay Area and elsewhere.   
The most recent robbery happened at the new Apple store at Broadway Plaza Saturday. Police say they have an important clue and  a person of interest.

The Apple store on South Main Street in Walnut Creek with its new modern design,  opened just a month ago and it's already fallen victim to a robbery. 
"It's so visible with the glass.  I can't imagine that happening," said Hillary Fowler who works nearby.  
On Saturday, around 5:40 p.m., four men entered the store, ripped iPhones and laptop computers from their security tethers and ran out of the store. The estimated loss is $30,000.  

"We were lucky enough to have a citizen who saw the vehicle and copy down the license plate of the vehicle hopefully to identify the suspects in this case," said Lt. Tom Cashion.

 Police say the citizen also shot this cell phone video of the getaway vehicle, a black Mercedes suv that was driven by a fifth suspect. The men are described as being in their  20's, wearing sweatshirts with their hoodies up and cinched around their faces. 

"I'm definitely surprised. I always think of Walnut Creek as a family community city," said Fowler.  

Police say the bystander with the video was able to provide the license plate of the black Mercedes SUV  is 5XRS385. 

Police say there were no weapons used and no injuries to customers. Investigators say the registered owner is a person of interest.  But so far, no arrest has been made.

"That's what our investigators are working on right now, that this person was involved in this.  And we have to go through photo lineups.  H Have witnesses try to identify," said Cashion.  
  Police say they are looking at other similar robberies at Apple stories in other cities such as Fresno and Corte Madera in recent months to see if there are any links. 

 Investigators say they're working with Apple to see what can be done to prevent these robberies. 

"I would suggest that they perhaps have a stronger tether on their merchandise," said Judy Maynard of Walnut Creek.  

Police say the Apple store in Walnut Creek at its previous location across the street was targeted by theft 27 times in the past two years, averaging more than one incident a month.  

"Scary...I could be walking down the street.  I could get mugged if that's the type of people that went into there," said Fowler. 

 Police are asking witnesses to contact them.